15 Points you should know if you plan to have Weight Loss Surgery in México

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What happens to obese patients who become infected with coronavirus?

Por: Dr. Rosales May 15, 2020

NOTE: We must bear in mind that practically all the information that exists concerning this topic is information that has been collected around the world. It has not been strictly analyzed to be considered as a rule or to establish specific guidelines for action when to this respect.

At the...

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Gaining weight during coronavirus Pandemic? How to avoit it

Por: Dr. Rosales May 11, 2020

This post is pretty different from what I am used to writing because it is based on the actual situation related to the coronavirus pandemic and increasing numbers of infected people throughout the world. To our concern, many new cases and deaths in the US per day as well as in my home country...

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Does Weight loss surgery cure Diabetes caused by Obesity?

Por: Dr. Rosales January 11, 2019

Before answering the question of whether weight loss surgery cures diabetes or not we should have a clearer perspective of what is diabetes and the importance of seeking adequate control of this disease. 


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Treatment Options for Morbid Obesity

Por: Dr. Rosales January 1, 2019

When a person suffers from morbid obesity and this condition begins to affect their quality of life and health, it is very recommended to consider several options to find a permanent solution to this problem to preserve health and avoid all the diseases that come along with obesity. 


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ACLS Heart Healthy Guide to Preventing Obesity

Por: Guest Author December 21, 2018

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of US adults have obesity—this dietary driven disease kills more than twice as many people as infectious disease.


Obesity is a growing problem among people from all walks of life—this is especially true with...

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Are you dieting and not losing weight? 11 common mistakes that are preventing you to reach your goal (and how to avoid them)

Por: Dr. Rosales December 9, 2018

If you're reading this article it is very likely that you're convinced that diets don’t work, we could almost assure you that if you do an analysis of your previous attempts to lose weight you could list more than 3 different diets that have not worked. If you wonder how can we say this with...

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Obesity related Diseases

Por: Dr. Rosales December 1, 2018

North Americans are gaining weight at an extraordinary rate, the rate of chronic diseases and deaths due to obesity is matching that unfortunate growth. The CDC estimates that one-third of all adults in the United States is obese, and a Canadian study by Memorial University suggests obesity...

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