15 Points you should know if you plan to have Weight Loss Surgery in México

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Gastric Sleeve Blog

Pregnancy after Gastric Sleeve

Por: Dr. Rosales November 22, 2018

You had the gastric sleeve and got pregnant, what will happen to your weight loss? Do you require special care?


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The true Causes of Obesity and society's ignorance

Por: Dr. Rosales November 15, 2018

In this article we’ll give our point view on the main causes of obesity based on evidence obtained by researchers who have worked and continue to work hard to clarify the truth about this very controversial topic in our society.


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Am I a good candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Por: Dr. Rosales November 8, 2018

This is the first question that a person should ask when thinking on this great option, but as you will read it is not an easy decision either for whoever is interested or for your surgeon, we explain why.

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Gastric Sleeve Recovery Time

Por: Dr. Rosales November 1, 2018

Nowadays, we all have a very busy life, full of activities and responsibilities: work, school, sons, housework, sport activities, socialization and many other things that we don’t want or can’t leave behind.


Due to this, one of the most frequent questions from our patients is about the gastric...

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Post Op Gastric Sleeve Diet

Por: Dr. Rosales October 25, 2018

One of the most common concerns from our patients is related to the diet that they need to follow after gastric sleeve surgery. The initial doubts are various, like how much will they be able to eat, what can they eat, what they can’t eat, how much time will the post op diet take and even if...

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Gastric Sleeve Pre-op diet

Por: Dr. Rosales October 19, 2018

A little known fact is that in addition to the required diet after the gastric sleeve surgery, there is also a preoperative diet.


It is important to note that the diet should be done by patients who have a high Body Mass Index, above 35. Patients with BMI under 35 can go forward with surgery...

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Why follow a pre op diet when having a gastric sleeve surgery?

Por: Dr. Rosales October 15, 2018

This issue is very important for anyone who is interested in undergoing gastric sleeve surgery...

Because no matter where or who will perform your surgery, it is important to know that in most cases you will be asked to perform a preoperative diet.


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