15 Points you should know if you plan to have Weight Loss Surgery in México

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Gastric Sleeve Blog

When is the best time to perform your weight loss surgery?

Por: Dr. Rosales July 1, 2019

First of all and as always, I would like to clarify that I write this blog for informational purposes in order to help the visitor to find their way when they are considering a weight loss surgery, be it the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or any other of the many that exist today.


If you do...

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5 important reasons to consider weight loss surgery

Por: Dr. Rosales February 4, 2019

If you are considering obesity surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) as a solution to your obesity problems, it is important to know the 5 most important reasons why we believe that weight loss surgery is an excellent choice.

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Weight Loss Surgery is not Esthetic or Cosmetic Surgery

Por: Dr. Rosales February 2, 2019
This is a fundamental topic and highly recurrent for those dedicated to bariatric surgery like Obesity Free, because although this is far from a procedure with purely aesthetic goals, unfortunately,in many people exists the misconception that anyone looking to have a gastric sleeve surgery or...
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How to choose the best surgeon for your gastric sleeve in mexico

Por: Dr. Rosales January 30, 2019

Probably by clicking and starting to read this article you will be thinking that our goal is to speak well of us and of no one else, however that is not the purpose. Our goal is to make you aware that there are many good options for serious bariatric groups in Mexico (as there are many other bad...

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery cost in México

Por: Dr. Rosales January 27, 2019

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is an issue that can hardly be explained in a few words because there are many factors that influence it. This article will discuss the main aspects of it, some price ranges, the factors that influence and some aspects that we recommend to take into...

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Is it safe to have gastric sleeve in mexico?

Por: Dr. Rosales January 23, 2019

Medical tourism is one of the most popular options today to get the desired health care in a country different than the one of residence because it is often cheaper.

One of the most popular destinations to get a gastric sleeve surgery for North Americans (USA and Canada) is Mexico, however, as...

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Fear of weight loss surgery, what you need to know

Por: Dr. Rosales January 21, 2019

If this is your case, the first thing we would like to tell you with certainty is that you are not alone, since undergoing a surgical procedure certainly entails risks that are not easy to swallow for anyone. We could actually say that there is no patient that is about to have elective surgery...

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